Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets

In-Sight® EasyBuilder® and Spreadsheets Standard class teaches the basics of how to configure a vision application using the EasyBuilder and spreadsheet configuration environment and user interface. This class features two days of standard EasyBuilder topics and two days of standard spreadsheets topics.

This class gives new In-Sight users an overview of the In-Sight hardware and In-Sight Explorer software. Using the EasyBuilder interface you will create a vision application from start to finish following a simple step by step process. Applications can be solved quickly and effectively without the need for programming. The spread sheet interface, while less intuitive, offers more power and flexibility for more difficult applications and customized logic for inspection results.

  • Demonstrate how to connect the In-Sight camera to the network
  • Capture an image with the camera
  • Calibrate the image using ‘real world’ measurements
  • Utilize a variety of Locator Tools to find their part
  • Inspect their part using various Identification and Defect Tools
  • Configure a Discrete Input and a Discrete Output line
  • Describe the use of communications within EasyBuilder
  • Utilize the various tools available to deploy the system
  • Explain the fundamentals of Lighting and Optics
  • Troubleshoot when the camera/network/tools are not working as expected
  • Navigate through a Spreadsheet
  • Create basic mathematical formulas involving If & And functions
  • Implement fixturing in an In-Sight job using a sample part or an image bit map
  • Import and Export Snippets
  • Describe the purpose of calibration
  • List the four conditions that can affect whether In-Sight is Online or Offline
  • Describe different forms of communication – PLC Protocols, FTP and TCP/IP
  • Create a custom view in a job, including status indicators, results or vision analysis, and a button to control the region of the Histogram tool

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Cost: $1,495

Class runs from 8:30am-5:00pm, lunch provided

May 21-24

Kendall Electric
832 Scribner Ave
Grand Rapids, MI


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