Customer FAQs, Tools and Resources - CANCELLED

This month’s KCL will feature various free tools available to you. Some that you may already have installed on your laptop.

  • Ethernet Capacity Tool. You have heard the saying, “measure twice and cut once” This tool is designed to help in a similar fashion. This capacity tool helps in the initial layout of your network by calculating the resources required by the devices on it. It is interactive and allows different configurations to be tried to see the results before implementation.
  • Project Design Assistant. The PDA helps you select a Logix controller based on function, price and network capacity by comparing up to five controllers simultaneously.
  • Proposal Works. Locate and configure products fast and effectively. Create projects and estimates faster and with more accuracy. Minimize errors and improve the design.
  • Wireshark & IPScan. Wireshark is a tool that may be used to inspect the data packets that are coming into and out of a given network device. One of its many uses is to monitor the traffic in and out of your processor. IPScan is fast and free software for network scanning and more.

The plan is to be light (or nonexistent) on the PowerPoint slides and heavy on the demonstrations. Save yourself time and headaches by learning how to use these free tools.

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February 07, 2019
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