Demystifying Rockwell’s Premier Integration – How and Why It All Comes Together Seamlessly

Premier Integration is the exclusive experience of integrating Allen-Bradley and Encompass Partner products into the Allen-Bradley Logix control platform. This simplifies system design and programming, reducing development time and boosting productivity.

Premier integration utilizes a single integrated development environment to program and configure a Logix control system using Studio 5000 Software. The user may use powerful Add-on Profiles, motion instructions, and other tools to get their system running quickly and efficiently.

Topics to be covered during this KCL:

  • Guard Link Safety overview and demo
  • Zebra Printer Network Connect Firmware (EIP) overview and demo
  • Integrating 525/527 drives with Logix using AOP’s and Automatic Device Configuration
  • FactoryTalk Analytics overview and demo
  • PanelView 5510 integration with Logix (if time permits)

Kendall Electric
832 Scribner NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
(616) 459-8327
December 05, 2018
12 - 2 pm, Lunch Provided

KCL Completed

This KCL is completed.


If there were any handouts or other downloadable materials links to them will be below.