Motor Drive Solutions - The Permanent Magnet Motor


With so many motor technologies available today, which motor is the best for your application? This month we're going to help differentiate between AC Induction, Permanent Magnet AC, and Servo motors. We will then take a detailed look at Permanent Magnet (PM) motors and what benefits they have to offer to your applications and your customers.

Did you know: Electric motors consume an estimated 25% of all electricity, and up to 65% of all electrical energy is consumed by industry? The Standard AC induction motor still wastes a lot of energy, even at its most efficient level of performance. To improve efficiency, a PM motor can be applied in the same foot print and reduce motor losses significantly. PM motors typically have twice the torque of an equivalent induction motor in the same frame size. With that, it is common to achieve a three frame size reduction while maintaining the equivalent horsepower and torque of an induction motor.

Since most PM motors need a Variable Frequency Drive for control, and a key focus for this event will be the configuration/setup of a standard Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 drive with a Marathon Symax PM motor. We will discuss and demonstrate the steps to successfully setup the VFD to operate the Permanent Magnet Motor!

We are looking forward to sharing this technology with you!

The Ludington Center
101 N Superior
Albion, MI 49224

October 23, 2018
7:30 - 9 am with breakfast from 7-7:30 am

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