Getting Started with Micro800 and PanelView 800

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The Perfect One-Day Class

Only $595!

This class is designed to introduce you to both the Allen-Bradley Micro800® Controllers and PanelView® 800 Graphic Terminals all in a one day class. The class will have training workstations consisting of a Micro850 controller and PanelView® 800 and will utilize the Connected Components Workbench™ (CCW) programming software. This class will review hardware and software basics and then progress into creating controller programs and PanelView applications illustrating the interaction between the two devices. This is a getting started class and is not intended as a full instructional programming class.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of the Micro800® family of Controllers
  • Overview of the PanelView® 800 family of Graphic Terminals
  • Overview of Connected Components Workbench™ (CCW) Software
  • How to upgrade (flash) Micro800® firmware
  • Downloading and installing CCW software
  • Launching software and establishing connectivity
  • Navigating CCW software features
  • Basic ladder programming
  • Adding tags and rungs
  • Adding instructions to rungs
  • Editing rungs in program and run modes
  • Uploading/Downloading and running a ladder logic program
  • Forcing inputs and outputs
  • Creating PanelView® 800 applications
  • Adding PanelView 800 indicators controlled by the Micro800 Controller


Cost: $595

Class runs from 9:00am-4:30pm, lunch provided


Date Kendall Electric Location
April 25, 2019 415 Ley Rd Fort Wayne, IN
May 23, 2019 5420 Davis Rd Saginaw, MI
Sept 19, 2019 11581 Greenway Dr Holland, MI

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