Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) Basics

This seminar will provide an understanding of the importance of SCCR and NEC code compliance associated with SCCR. The seminar will also address industrial control panels and UL508A to provide overview of SCCR determination and achieving a higher SCCR.

Presentation Topics

SCCR – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Equipment Short-Circuit Current Ratings

  • Interrupting Rating – NEC 110.9
  • Current Limitation – NEC 240.2
  • Short-Circuit Current Ratings – NEC 110.10
  • Fault Current Marking Requirements and Calculations – NEC 110.24

Industrial Control Panel Device Basics

  • UL 508A Definitions
  • Power Components vs. Control Component
  • Branch and Feeder Circuits

UL 508A Supplement SB

  • Approved Method for Determination of SCCR
  • Updates to UL 508A Supplement SB
  • How to achieve High SCCR

Sample Industrial Panel Projects

  • Component ratings
  • Comparing different Designs
  • Obtaining Higher SCCR

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