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How to Secure Your Automation Architecture

Accessibility of information has transitioned from being something that would be desired, into being something that is required. In our personal lives, how many of us have placed online orders and then seek out “live” shipping data? We want to know when the package was sent, where it is at a specific moment, and most importantly when we will receive it. Today, the expectation to have information at our immediate disposal is witnessed in all levels of manufacturing. Business decisions are being made based upon knowing the answers to many questions. Is Line 1 currently running? Is Line 2 scheduled to run production this weekend? Do we have enough raw materials to meet next week’s order requirements?

In several cases, the data we seek originates within our control systems. Many of us have become comfortable with extracting critical, decision-making information. But, at what cost? Are our control systems still secure? How do we balance the need to have the right information at the right time, without exposing critical systems to a breach?

In this KCL we will learn where security starts, the different type of security within the levels of your network, and how to balance security and uptime. We will also learn device level security best practices and ways we can physically secure our equipment. Learn about device hardening, secure communication devices, and security surveys available from Kendall Electric.

Kendall Electric
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March 11, 2020
7:00 - 9:30 am with breakfast from 7-7:30 am

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