Stratix Update, New Ideal Tester, and Factory Talk Network Manger

Not sure how to Monitor, troubleshoot, or know what the latest Network switch is in the growing Ethernet Network? Rockwell has their Factory Talk Network Manager software product that can help with know how your network is running.

FactoryTalk Network Manager software helps give you increased network visibility, real-time troubleshooting and simplified configuration and deployment. Gain insight into the performance of your network in context of your automation assets by leveraging information available via the Stratix managed switch.

Some examples of it's capabilities:

  • Generates an overall topology and a device-centric view of plant floor assets for increased network visibility.
  • Identifies plant floor assets using SNMP, PROFINET and CIP protocols
  • Provides historical data retention for analysis
  • Automatic Inventory discovery
  • Captures managed switch level alarms and events in real-time for more precise troubleshooting.

Know which switch do you use where? Come and learn the latest with Rockwell Network Switches and new release of their 5800 series model.

  • All gig Switch platform for high-performance network support.
  • Fixed and modular options up to 26 ports providing flexibility and scalability
  • Supports layer 2 access switching and layer 3 routing for use in multiple layers of architecture
  • Supports both IT and OT configuration and management tools
  • FactoryTalk View Faceplates help enable status monitoring and alarming
  • Predefined names Logix tags for monitoring and port control

The NaviTEK IE is a tester for commissioning, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of Industrial standard Ethernet networks.

  • Pinpoint cable faults on copper and fiber cables
  • Easily configure nodes to resolve connectivity issues
  • Prevent network failures
  • Locate hard to find devices
  • Find misconfigured devices
  • Find rogue devices

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