Smart Machines - Questions and Answers!

  • What is a Smart Machine?
  • How do I get Real Time Data?
  • What is all this Data Telling me?
  • How to make my machines Smarter?

With greater requirements for production and machine information, comes the need for industrial grade smart devices. Smart devices are integral components for smart machines and are the first step to capture operational data. These smart devices help enable you to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Are you curious to know how industrial smart devices can help enable your machines and equipment to be more productive? Do you have production lines that you require to be more information-enabled? The application of industrial smart devices could be the next step for you to explore.

Come join Jordan Sprunger from Rockwell to learn how Smart Machine Design can be applied to both new and existing manufacturing processes.

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Kendall Electric
25 American Drive
Jackson, TN 38301
(731) 423-0134
January 14, 2020
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM - Lunch provided

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