Rockwell Productivity Tools

Got Questions?

  • Does my processor have enough memory?
  • How many ethernet nodes can I have?
  • Is my controller power supply large enough?
  • Will my I/O be able to update fast enough?
  • Did I leave anything off my Bill of Material?

We’ve Got Answers!

  • Come join us to learn about all the Free productivity tools available to make designing your automation systems easier.
  • We will cover using Integrated Architecture Builder and Proposal Works to design and layout your control systems. Using these free tools, you can validate your system before you install it.

Kendall Electric
1189 Grants Mill Rd
Irondale, AL 35210

January 14, 2020
11:00 - 1:00; Lunch Provided

KCL Completed

This KCL is completed.


If there were any handouts or other downloadable materials links to them will be below.