Connected Components Workbench, Micro 800, PV800 (including migrations)

New Rockwell Software Subscription and Maintenance Evolution plus an Update on the Micro 800 and PV 800

Things have changed. The arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 required a shift in the way software is developed and deployed. Now, more than ever, flexibility and agility are the keys to success. Demand for subscription-based software in commercial and industrial markets has accelerated; and, the pace of this change is not expected to slow down. We’re embracing the change and are here to help usher you into this new way of doing business. Learn about this change at this month’s KCL.

Smaller has become bigger. The Micro 800 family has grown, these systems offer just enough control for your lower-cost, stand-alone machines. You can buy only the functionality you need and use plug-in modules to personalize your system for specific application needs. Add in a Panelview 800 for a lower-cost operator interface. We’ll wrap this all up for you with a demo of how easily a PowerFlex 525 integrates with a Micro 800 and PV800; and all of this programmed with just one software package.

Kendall Electric
1699 Wierengo Drive
Muskegon, MI 49442
(231) 773-6621
January 07, 2020
12 - 2 pm, lunch provided

KCL Completed

This KCL is completed.


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