Exploring Rockwell’s Complete Line of Safety Products and Solutions

Safety Update including new 5094 Flex 5000 I/O and 1756 ControlLogix.

The final Kendall Connection Live before summer break will be our safety update. We will cover products and services to help you throughout the entire Safety Lifecycle… the latest and greatest from Rockwell Automation.

Rockwell Automation’s innovative safety products and solutions will improve the functional operation of your machinery while helping to increase personnel safety, efficiency, and productivity. Rockwell Automation offers one the broadest safety portfolios in the industry to help you achieve both safety and productivity goals in process and discrete manufacturing applications.

First will be a brief discussion of Scalable Safety Risk Assessments and the safety services offering. This will be followed by an overview of some of the new safety devices and technologies, including GuardLink. There are also some new and exciting safety controllers and I/O that you should be aware of. Finally there is safety built into drives over Ethernet.

GuardLink technology is a safety-based communications protocol that links safety to The Connected Enterprise. Allen-Bradley Guardmaster smart safety devices that feature GuardLink technology deliver information, advanced functionality, and flexibility. This technology helps enhance safety and increase machine and plant-wide efficiency.

Kendall Electric
832 Scribner NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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May 08, 2019
12 - 2 pm, lunch provided

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