Configuring Stratix Switches and Using Automatic Device Configuration to Reduce Downtime

Stratix Switches
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Stratix Switches

Please join us and learn how to configure Rockwell Automation’s Stratix Managed Ethernet switches. We will be performing a live demo setting up a Stratix 5700 including DHCP per port. Also get a chance to learn about the newest Stratix switches available.

We will first review or demonstrate the following migration topics:

  • Have you ever had an event that took out a VFD?
  • What steps did you take to recover?
  • How much downtime did you incur?

Automatic Device Configuration (ADC)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an even easier way to replace and program devices such as drives, especially when they need to be replaced at off hours? This is where a technology call Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) comes to the rescue. Join us to learn how to setup this technology that can save you time, money, and lost sleep. We will be demonstrating ADC live using a Stratix switch, a ControlLogix PLC, and a PowerFlex Drive.

This demo will include using Logix version 30 and below utilizing Firmware Supervisor to automatically flash the VFD’s firmware and Logix version 31 and above. We will demonstrate the new firmware features that may not require an firmware flash.


Hampton Inn & Suites
24747 John T Reid Pkwy
Scottsboro, AL 33768

April 25, 2019
2:30 - 4:00 CDT

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