Network Security


Reduce your automation system attack surface with new system-wide security features.

You've heard of a firewall, but what are they really for? Do they stop viruses? Can you manage without one? Actually there's a good chance that you are using a firewall right now - if your computer is running a modern operating system, there will be one built in, or your I.T. infrastructure features a firewall.

But what about your plant automation network? Can you get by without a firewall? What happens if a virus or attacker gets past your firewall? Is just a firewall enough? How do you recover your plant operations and get back to running?

Join us at this KCL for a discussion on how you can protect your plant network with Rockwell Automation's defense in depth strategy that identifies threats and helps you defend against them.

Kendall Electric
6064 Perimeter Parkway
Montgomery, AL 36116

September 12, 2018
11:30 am - 1:00 pm Lunch Provided

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